Friday, July 03, 2009

Entrepreneurial Events

Gotten this from Michael Teoh from Youth Entrepreneurs Malaysia


Hey Aspiring Youth Entrepreneurs!

We have a jam-packed week of entrepreneurial activities for you all, sourced by all our partners nationwide.

Check out the events below.

TieCon Asia Pacific.
Business Matching, funding and ideas pitching.
2nd – 5th July 2009;

UnReason @ Ureka
Crowd sourced funding and iniative of 100 simple ideas that will change Malaysia
3rd-5th July 2009;

CEO Live @ Studio V inconjunction with Trade and Career Fair
6th and 7th July 2009;

MVCA – TiE Elevator Pitch
3rd July 2009;

An Entrepreneur's Quest - A forum for Women Entrepreneurs
8th July 2009;

SME Solution Expo
9th to 11 July 2009;

Hope you can visit one of these event and visit UnReason to support one of the 100 projects that will change Malaysia.;

Credit to: Malaysia Entrepreneurs -; for the infoes above.

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