Thursday, July 09, 2009

Conversations on Climate

Thanks Emily for the link! Do check it out! 


The Malaysian Youth Climate Justice Network (myCJN) is organizing a series of discussion-centered forums on the issue of Climate Change.

As young people, climate change is one of the biggest issues of our generation; we will be the ones bearing the brupt of the impacts because of today's actions. Considering this, what are young people in Malaysia doing about this - what can we do and how can we do it?

MyCJN hopes that the COCs will be a platform for young Malaysians to share their views and challenge their understanding of climate change in order to think of realistic and possible solutions. Here, we invite young Malaysians to enter an open, earnest and ultimately hopeful discussion of the "what's going on, how am I interconnected with it and what I can do" to work towards a reality that reflects the hopes of a better, collective future.

This Saturday 11th July is "Business in a Climate Changed World". We will be talking about the market shifts we are seeing as a result, directly and indirectly, caused climate change; how this will influence our future career opportunities, business strategies, economic model; possibilities as youth to help determine what this future will look like and much more.
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Future topics include:

Saturday, 18th July "Food Security for Thought"
Saturday, 25th July "Alternative Energy"
Saturday, 1st August "Green Tech for a Better Future?"
Saturday, 8th August "Inspirations From Youth Around the World"

Time: 2 - 4pm
Venue: Ukuya, 9 Jln Terasek 1, Bangsar

Free and open to all young Malaysians! Please visit our facebook page to register.
Contact Emily Chan 012 672 1796/ emchanly AT gmail DOT com for more info.


Anonymous said...

May i link your page and copy some events for telling and spreading

Anonymous said...

May i link your page and copy some events for telling and spreading

Chen Chow said...

Ricky, sorry for my late reply. Was away holidaying in Inner Mongolia.

Yes. Definitely! Do go ahead. Do include the link back, and also the link to the official site of the events (if there is any).