Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Keadilan looking for interns

Thanks to Andrew and Evelyn for sharing on this. They are sending on behalf of YB Nik Nazmi.


Keadilan is looking for interns! 

The plan is to have two internship programs, one in May and the other in July. The interns will go through a centralised training program, 30 April to 2 May (for May internship) and 2 - 4 July (for July internship). Then they will be assigned to the offices of selected Keadilan MPs and ADUNs for the remainder of the month.

The interns will be provided with a small sum of RM500 for the month but we believe it's a good eye-opening experience to the life of a legislator and politician in an interesting time in Malaysian politics!

Further details will be e-mailed to interested candidates.

If interested, contact Nik Nazmi:

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