Thursday, April 22, 2010

A bunch of Educational & Informative Articles

Thanks a lot to my loyal blog contributors for sharing a lot of educational and informative articles.

As I have quite a huge backlog of posting, I would post a number of links in this one post. Hope that you all would check it out!


Kah Seng said...

Hey Chen,

You have an amazing Website with links on education. Saw that you passed the tough CFA level II exam (followed the link to your talent profile). Lots of investment strategy and concepts in Level III.

With your broad interest and link to Malaysian Think Tank, I though you might be interested in the libertarian ideas at

and the book Human Action
(check out the 4th edition in free PDF)

Chen Chow said...

Thanks, Kah Seng. Appreciate your sharing!

Actually, I am not affiliated to Malaysia Think Tank, although I know the people who are behind it. It is now called IDEAS.