Friday, April 02, 2010

Congratulations to the new admits!

It's decision day! :)

Great to hear good news from quite a number of people, and it is great that these people do share with us the good news. Congratulations!

To all the 30+ facilitators who did the US Applications Workshop at Taylor's in August 2009, thanks a lot to all of you, as you have definitely made a difference in many of those people who got admitted!

For the full list of those who attended the US Applications workshop and got admitted, do go to . And you can find lots of resources too!

Some of those who have attended the workshop and have updated us on their admission decision, the list is below. Congratulations!

(Last updated at 2nd April 2010, 6:35am)

Akira - University of California, Berkeley
Akira - University of California, Los Angeles
Brian Wong - University of California, Berkeley
Chan-Leong - Carnegie Mellon University (Early Admission)
Ching Yee - University of California, Berkeley
Ching Yee - University of California, Los Angeles
Coyin - Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Daniel Oon - Dartmouth College
Ee Xin - University of Chicago (Early Admission)
Hobart Lim - Carnegie Mellon University
Hobart Lim - Columbia University
Hobart Lim - Dartmouth College
Hobart Lim - University of California, Berkeley
Hobart Lim - University of Pennsylvania
Hobart Lim - Yale University
Iswari - Cornell University (Early Admission)
Jason Leong - McGill University
Jason Leong - University of California, Los Angeles
Jason Leong - University of Michigan
Jason Leong - University of Pennsylvania
Ken-Ji - Cornell University (Early Admission)
Kevin - University of Washington
Nik Zulhariz - Carnegie Mellon University (Early Admission)
Noel Wan - Carnegie Mellon University
Noel Wan - Columbia University
Noel Wan - Cornell University
Noel Wan - University of California, Berkeley
Noel Wan - University of California, Los Angeles
Noel Wan - University of Chicago
Shasha Fernandez - University of California, Berkeley
Soo Nee - University of Washington
Wen Xian - Villanova University
Yik Lun - Cornell University
Yik Lun - Harvey Mudd College
Yik Lun - Stanford University
Yik Lun - University of California, Berkeley
Yik Lun - University of California, Los Angeles

If you have gone through the workshop and you have gotten admission too, do share with us the good news too! We would like to feature your name in this list too!

To all of you who have gotten some rejections, don't give up. Hopefully you would get offers over the next few days. In any case, hope that you would take it positively. Don't get too sad. Am sure you would bounce back.

Others who have gotten in, but were not at the US Applications workshop at Taylor's.

Amanda Foo - University of California, Berkeley
Amanda Foo - University of California, Los Angeles
Amanda Foo - University of Southern California
Chin Chon - University of Washington
Felicity Gan - University of California, Los Angeles
Felicity Gan - University of Washington
Ilyana Badlisham - New York University
Jing Pei - Stanford University (Master's)
Jing Pei - Yale University (Master's)
Joshua Yee - Carnegie Mellon University
Ju-Hann - University of Southern California
Luo Yi - University of Washington

Congratulations to all of you!

For those of you who are applying end of this year, do start preparation now. Don't procrastinate. Use the 140+ resources at


Sabrina said...

only one person for penn? :(((((

Chen Chow said...

As of now, i only got one news...waiting for you to update me lor... extend your radar!

Yoke Peng 玉萍 said...

Subby, it's ZERO for NU....

Chen Chow said...

Just that I got no news, not no new admit.

Yoke Peng 玉萍 said...

we are in the process of getting the list from admission office. *still being hopeful* =)

vin nie said...

im extending my radar

Lynn said...

i'm so excited about all the new particular the columbia ones! ;D congrats to everyone on making it through the hell of US apps, hopefully things will be smooth sailing from now on (:

Yixiang said...

im excited for the CMU admits! =D

Yi Xiang
Class of 2012