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Undergraduate Scholarship - DAAD

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Highly qualified undergraduate students are invited to apply for scholarships funding study, senior thesis research and/or internships in Germany. The goal of this program is to support study abroad in Germany and at German universities. Preference will be given to students whose projects or programs are based at and organized by a German university. Scholarships are available either as part of an organized study abroad program or as part of an individual, student-designed study abroad semester or year.

Eligibility Requirements

Each year, an independent selection committee of academics and international education experts is assembled to select the Undergraduate Scholarship grantees. This committee is looking for students who:

* are currently second and third year students and will be in their third and fourth year during their stay in Germany
* are seeking DAAD support for a 4-10 month period in Germany during the German academic year.
* possess outstanding academic records and personal integrity, as evinced by both their grades and letters of recommendation.
* are US or Canadian citizens or permanent residents thereof. Foreign nationals are eligible if they have been full-time students at an accredited US or Canadian university for more than one year at the time of application and will return to the US or Canada after the scholarship period to complete their Bachelor's degree.
* have well-defined study, research or internship plans for their stay in Germany.
* submit the DAAD language evaluation form with their application, although German language competency is not mandatory.
* demonstrate an interest in contemporary German and European affairs and who explain the significance of their project in Germany to their future studies, research or professional goals.
* are enrolled, full-time students in an undergraduate degree-granting program at an accredited North American college or university.

Terms of Award

Scholarships may be granted for a minimum of four (one semester) and a maximum of 10 months (one academic year). Recipients will be awarded a monthly stipend of approximately € 650, plus additional funds to help defray travel and research expenses as well as health insurance.

Note: The scholarship periods must take place during the German academic year (anywhere from October 2010 through July 2011)

The Application Process
The application form must be completed online.

You must send:

* our supplemental documents and materials

Submit all pages in one package (NO STAPLES, BINDERS, or FOLDERS) to the DAAD New York office. Be sure to submit all materials and the correct amount of copies of each. Do not staple or bind any part of your application! Incomplete or late applications will not be accepted.

Please disregard the last page of the online application, entitled "Information regarding your application." The information relevant to your application includes supplemental documents listed below, as well as the instructions DAAD New York provides in the Online Application Guidelines and the Instructions for Completing the DAAD Online Application. Applicants do NOT need to submit a photo.

Your paperwork should be in English or French (if you are Francophone Canadian), not in German.

Supplemental Documents are:

* Resume
* Project Proposal (approximately 3 pages, see FAQs for tips)
* Two Letters (no more, no less) of Recommendation: If you have two majors, please submit letters from professors in both of your major fields of study; Otherwise, please submit a letter from a professor in your major field of study, and a letter from a professor in one of your minor fields of study. Please make sure to tell your professors not to send letters in German!
* Statement of Support and Credit Eligibility.
Click here to download the Statement of Support and Credit Eligibility.
* One of the following: Acceptance into Study Abroad Program, Exchange Program, letter by mentor or invitation from a German university. (see FAQs if you have questions)
* Transcripts (for the Undergraduate Scholarship Program only college transcripts!)
* Language Evaluation Certificate (Sprachzeugnis). (All applicants are required to submit this, even if your study program is in English.)
Click here to download the Language Evaluation Certificate (Sprachzeugnis).

Submit a total of FOUR copies (1 original, 3 photocopies) of all the above application materials. You have to submit at least one sealed document of each of your original recommendation letters and official transcripts.

* Please do not call our office; you will receive an e-mail or letter of acknowledgment approximately four weeks after the deadline. If you want proof of receipt right away, please include a self-addressed, stamped postcard in your application.

* Applicants will receive notification of acceptance in May 2010.

* Please provide your documents in the order listed above and do not staple or bind any of your documents!

* Mail your application to:
DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service)
Undergraduate Scholarships
871 United Nations Plaza
New York, NY 10017

Application Deadline
All applications for the academic year 2011/12 must be postmarked by January 31, 2011.

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