Friday, August 27, 2010

Taman Sri Nibong Hari Malaysia

Krista has always been very supportive of various initiatives that I have done in Penang, as well as many other initiatives. 

For the upcoming Malaysia Day, she has the following initiative. If you would like to reach her, feel free to leave a message in my blog or email me, and I will connect you to her.

I'm on the organizing committee of my Taman Sri Nibong Hari Malaysia
celebration and we need some sponsors for the treasure hunt to be held
on 16 Sept itself.

Sponsors will get their logo on our hunt banner (to be hung around the taman)
and mentioned in the Taman's blog ( 

This taman is made up of lots of middle-class families, with many working in MNCs like
Agilent, Motorola, Intel, Jabil etc. and a very good target demographic for most businesses. 

If you know of any businesses or biz owners in Penang whom I can reach via email/phone,
do let me know.

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