Sunday, November 15, 2009

JobStreet English Language Assessment

After some incubation, finally JobStreet English Language Assessment (JobStreet ELA) is borned!!!

Today, New Sunday Times gave a good write-up on it on Page 13 on NST. Check it out here .

Eric Sito, General Manager of shared with NST on the mechanics of JobStreet ELA, and hopefully, we will be able to do our little bit to help improving the English Language of the workforce, where employers would have a better way to select job seekers with better English language command, and hence, job seekers would work hard to improve on their English.

Check it out at here .

It is launched for Malaysia now, and it would be launched for Singapore, the Philippines, Indonesia and Thailand next month.

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Anonymous said...

wrong grammar! "BORNED"

Chen Chow said...

oopss.... is it "born"?

Thanks for pointing out...

Don't worry, the English Assessment questions are not set by me.... it is set by consultants in the region, including English professors.