Thursday, November 19, 2009

5th World Youth Congress in Turkiye, 31 July - 13 August 2010

Thanks a lot to my loyal blog contributor for sharing this.

5th World Youth Congress in Turkiye, 31 July - 13 August 2010

"Turkiye will welcome 1000 young people from around the world to meet during Istanbul's year as the European Capital of Culture. You will have the chance  to learn a lot about Turkish culture, about Turkish people, and the history of one of the oldest civilizations of the world - which is now the 2nd fastest growing modern economy in the world after China."

You can apply as:-
  1. Young Activist 1 is an entry-level activist – a young person who is passionate about development, but hasn't got around to doing a project yet.
  2. Young Activist 2 is a young activist who has done one or two projects, but has never been to a World Youth Congress and is eager to learn more.
  3. Young Activist 3 is a 'Veteran' young activist who has done several projects and – crucially – has been to AT LEAST ONE World Youth Congress and/or worked with e- genclik association or Peace Child International either as a partner, a White House intern, or as an overseas affiliate.
  4. Young Artists for Development - are young people using arts as a development tool aiming to engage communities to create change and raise awareness about global issues. Youth working in performance, audio-visual, graphic or plastic arts – whose work has a particular focus on global, development, sustainability and/or youth empowerment issues.
  5. Young Educators will be innovative young educators who have ideas about how to teach global issues in compelling ways and are eager to meet other teachers from around the world to learn other approaches.
  6. Young Entrepreneurs - a new category for the Turkey Congress: we seek young business people who have, or have plans to, set up a small business, especially in a sustainable, low-carbon field.
  7. Young Journalists are young media people who want to report on the Congress for their local newspaper, Internet blog, TV or Radio Station. Young Journalists will also be responsible for creating the Congress Newspaper, radio shows, TV and internet blogs, chatrooms and virtual congress materials.

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