Friday, November 27, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving Day

Happy Thanksgiving Day to all of you who are celebrating!

To all of you who are in US for the 1st time, hope that you would take some break and chill out. Whether you stay on campus this Thanksgiving break or going out with friends, do have a good rest, before you continue your journey till end of the semester. 

I understand that for many of you, especially for those of you in freshman year, it might be very tough, coping with the studies, and also the culture there. Perhaps even the weather. Do take things easy. Things are meant to be difficult. Do hang in there, and try to chill out, k? Don't give yourself too high expectation, and give yourself too much pressure.

Do stay relax. Try to mingle around as well. It might be tough, but gradually, you might be able to know more people. If not, you should still have friends on Facebook, MSN, GChat etc. Do keep in communication.

Don't get too bogged down by final exams, assignments, projects etc. 

Enjoy having the turkey! :)

Happy Thanksgiving Day!

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