Thursday, November 05, 2009

19th Young Corporate Malaysians CEO Series of Talks - Roshan Thiran

Introducing the 19th Young Corporate Malaysians CEO Series of Talks speaker - Roshan Thiran. 

It would be on 12th November 2009, 7:30pm at Menara Integriti, Persiaran Duta (off Jalan Duta).


Roshan Thiran, CEO of Leaderonomics Sdn Bhd, an organization which specializes on developing young capable leaders by constantly setting new goals to challenge, and transforming the minds and hearts of leaders to create a just, free and caring society. Simultaneously, Leaderonomics runs workshops and camps for children and youths.To learn more about Leaderonomics, go to

He has a passion for helping people fulfil their potential and purpose and believes there is a science to developing leaders. He spent the past 15 years working for General Electric and Johnson & Johnson across the US, Europe and Asia. He is also much sought out for his expertise in talent management and leadership development.

He strives to help world's leaders - of all ages, classes and ethnicities - to adapt and meet dramatic changes in our natural and synthetic environments and to help them continuously grow and develop as leaders.

Young Corporate Malaysians now brings to you Roshan Thiran, an avid writer and also speaker, to share his thoughts and experiences in creating the best leaders in town! 

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