Saturday, November 14, 2009

"Basics of Math Olympiad" - Problem Solving Guide for High School Students

Suhaimi Ramly, my fellow batchmates at ATU at INTEC, UiTM has published his series of 4 books, entitled "Basics of Math Olympiad" - Problem Solving Guide for High School Students.

Volume 1:- Number Theory
Volume 2:- Algebra
Volume 3:- Combinatorics
Volume 4:- Geometry

Do read more here .

It would be good if you decide to get a copy and donate to your high school's library!

Hopefully, this book would help Malaysians to one day get the elusive Gold Medal for International Mathematics Olympiads.

Suhaimi was a former Bronze Medalist (I hope I remember correctly, Bal) of International Mathematics Olympiads and he helped to train the National Team, which won the first silver medal in 2008. Suhaimi is an alumnus of MIT.

Suhaimi (or Bal), Congrats!!!

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