Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Youth-to-Youth: For a Better Malaysia

Youth-to-Youth: For a Better Malaysia


This dual-language forum, for youth and by youth, intends to showcase young Malaysians who are making Malaysia a better place to younger Malaysians who are looking to do the same.

Accomplished Malaysian youth from various sectors will provide insight, guidance and networking opportunities to Malaysians only a few years younger than them, in the hope of building relationships and bonds that will result in a stronger, more united group of young people empowered to continuously improve Malaysia.

The forum also hopes to bridge the widening gap between Malaysians who study in different countries overseas and local students by providing a shared opportunity to exchange views and better understand diverse perspectives.

Venue: Sunway University College, Main hall – Auditorium 7 – Level 2, South East Building
Sunday, August 16th
9.00am – 6.30pm


9.00am: Opening ceremony.

Civil Service / Political Work
Tricia Yeoh, Wan Firdaus, Lee Khai Loon, Dr. Marzuki

Civil Society
Ong Jing Cheng, Faisal Abdul Aziz, N. Surendran, Yati Kaprawi

12.30pm: Lunch


2 panels will be held simultaneously -

Business and Entrepreneurship
Intan Hashim, Roshan Thiran, Tham Keng Yew, Mohd Jamizal Zainol

Edmund Bon, Fadiah Fikri, Farhan Read


2 panels will be held simultaneously -

Education / Academics
Wong Chin Huat, Pn. Rosmaria, Wan Ahmad Faysal

Arts / Activism
Fahmi Fadzil, Mark Teh, Mien Lor, Fynn Jamal


Electoral Politics
Nik Nazmi, Hannah Yeoh, Lim Si Pin, Rahman Dahlan

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