Saturday, August 15, 2009

Society of Students in Sciences and Social Sciences

Got an email on S-Five, Society of Students in Sciences and Social Sciences. It seems to be a new society, which has hope to create a platform for students to share their research ideas with one another. It is an international student research organization.

If you are interested, do check out at here .

AIM: To serve as a platform for all students to share their research ideas with each other and the experts in the particular fields.

REQUIREMENTS: Practical experience, along with classroom teaching is required for any student to discover his potential and to enable him to analyze career prospects for himself. An increasing number of students are drifting towards non-academic fields because of lack of guidance, which creates a void in the effective research community. In particular, a decrease in the number of social scientists is seen. This needs to be addressed.

The objective of S-five is to act as a bridge between subject experts and students with similar research inclinations.S-five provides an international network to the students which strives to ease the path of effective research within the student community by providing a diverse knowledge base. With its huge network of students across the globe, S-five aims to host workshops and conferences internationally under expert guidance regularly and hence providing a real research experience to its members with contacts to the professionals and experts throughout the world.

Further, it will publish two research journals at a time, one comprising of undergraduate research papers in sciences and the other in social sciences. After a call-for-paper for different streams is announced, the experts will select a handful to present their papers orally in the forthcoming conference. Thereafter the papers in conference proceedings shall be considered for the E-journals.The journals will consist of sub-sections dedicated to subjects falling under the respective streams. The papers shall be selected for the journal by a selection committee which shall consist of experts in the particular field. The journals will be electronic in format initially and will be released on site, and paper-based for people who wish to subscribe.

*The journal will have a special section, for students who want to propose a particular idea along with an abstract protocol for the same. This will be to bridge the gap between the talented students and the interested faculty with similar research inclinations.

RESULT: A community S-five which unites students internationally with the mentors and researchers providing a guiding light.
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