Saturday, August 15, 2009

Mentality of Young Malaysians

It is great to read 2 articles by Hafiz Noor Shams and John Lee sharing on Malaysian Insider about "a generation of activist idealists" and "get involved and do something for society".

Both of them have done a lot for community, and have always been driver in making the change in the society. To me, what matters is doing what you are passionate of, and really go out and do good for society. To me, the political divide that each of us might have, is just one of the many ways that people can dice things around, but what matters deep down is that we look at issues, and we decide objectively, why we take a stand on a certain issue. We decide so, not because it is by Barisan Nasional or Pakatan Rakyat or for that matter, any of the parties around, but because we believe so.

Besides Hafiz, John Lee, there are definitely many other youths today, who care a lot about the country, willing to think about the country, and want to do more for the country. It is the long term passion that is going to bring our country to the next stage of the world's platform. To all those who are just criticizing things in the country from the coffee shop, I urge you to do your part and make the change. We don't need to be powerful to make the change. Every little change that you can do, to improve/enhance a fellow Malaysian in a particular sector/field/area, that is a positive stand.

SuAnn also wrote regarding Malaysian's mentality, in the context of the students, especially those who are applying to study in US. How Malaysians only bother to care about themselves, and not about the country or the world. How people ask/say things like "I am going to break the bond. The scholarship is good in CV", "I can afford it, but why not, if I get a free ride on my education. I deserved it anyway", "how many hours of community service do I need to do to get into Ivy League" etc etc. What has happened to the younger generation of Malaysia. We should be thinking objectively. And I hope all Malaysians who can afford to make the change in others, to do so. Lets build a better Malaysia.

For those youth who are free on Sunday, do drop by 3K Inn in Subang Jaya for the Better Malaysia forum .

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