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Integrate degree and skills to be highly employable

Elaine Loo contacted me today via . It is amazing to see someone as young as her, has done so many interesting projects around. What she has achieved is definitely much more than what a fresh graduate would have done. Her initiatives etc are amazing. To be frank, I haven't met her, but through the MSN messages that we bounced with each other, can see her energy and passion to make change in society.

She has written this article, and also she is organizing a free talk on:-

Title:- "Integrate degree and skills to be highly employable"

Date:- 19th September 2009 (Saturday)

Time:- 1pm to 2pm

Venue:- B-1-3A, Block B, Dataran Glomac, Jalan SS6/20, Kelana Jaya, 47301 Petaling Jaya

Contact: Elaine Loo at 012-7046012 or yeelingloo AT hotmail DOT com


Degree is not enough!!!

Can you rely on your degree alone to automatically open doors after your graduation? It will certainly unlock the doors which allow you eligibly to apply jobs that specify 'must be a graduate'. However, no matter how good your degree class and how relevant your subjects to the career that you are applying for, it is likely that you will be competing vigorously with a number of other graduates who are equally well-qualified academically. Once your degree has unlocked the door, you will need the right mix of skills, abilities and personal qualities in order to turn the handle and give the door the push that will open it to you.


Uncertainty requires high employability skills

The nature of work is in a state of continual change. Your career today may involve moving between a number of different job functions and employers. Employers are therefore seeking graduates who are enterprising, resourceful and adaptable. Graduates, who acquire their degree, nevertheless vitally have to possess a range of skills which can be utilized in a wide variety of settings as well as in their careers. These are known as employability skills.


Undergraduates should think ahead

The subject and standard of your degree may be essential or useful in facilitating you working on your chosen career. It is advised that in parallel with your undergraduate studies, you should aim to develop skills which are sought by all kinds of employers. The most frequently mentioned are communication, team working, leadership, problem-solving, enthusiasm and importantly the right attitude of learning.


Degree + Skills = Employability


Human Capital Enhancement (HCE) Organization provides different workshops that enable apprentices to catapult their ability by empowering them with the tools they need in order to strive a decent life in this competitive working environment. The workshop is specially constructed to assist anyone who is willing to develop oneself with the sense of moving ahead in the society. The pioneer step to start your journey towards achieving triumphant result is to identify your strengths and weaknesses and importantly actions have to be taken to remedy the weaknesses. In addition, utilize your strength to counter challenges and further excel it to increase your personal capability. Hence, the earlier you start building your foundation skills, the more benefits you may reap.


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Elaine Loo

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