Wednesday, August 05, 2009

MyCJN symposium

Thanks Emily for organizing this. If you are passionate about environmental issue, you should go!


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When you go out for your usual mamak sessions, does the conversation ever turn to environmental issues? Do you find words like "climate change", "sustainability" and "youth activism" catching your attention? If the answer is 'yes', congratulations for taking the first step in the right direction!

Whether you're hot or cool, hip or trendy, we are THE generation that can effectively determine the state of our planet in the next 50 years. More importantly, we're also the generation who will suffer from the consequences of the decisions made by today's leaders if we don't voice out our concerns and take it upon ourselves to act. The Malaysian Climate Justice Youth Network (MYCJN) was formed to empower youths against climate change and inform young Malaysians about our right to demand a change in the way the world is being run. That is why we're holding the Environmental Sustainability Leadership Symposium 2009 for people like you who want to do something about climate change, but don't know how to start as an individual.

This symposium takes place on 28th -30th August and is open to youths aged 18 to 30. You don't need any fancy job titles or qualifications, all we ask of you is a willingness to learn and work with others, a desire to lead change and most of all BE PASSIONATE! Any experience in volunteerism is a plus, but not a necessary criteria to be selected.

We've only got space for 30 young and excited people, so if you are keen, please click this link for more info and to apply: . If you're shortlisted to become a participant, we guarantee you that this symposium isn't going to be a typical seminar. You will be meeting other Malaysian youths like yourself who are eager to spearhead youth climate change initiatives. You will also have the opportunity to be trained by an incredibly inspiring young person who has really taken the words "Be the change!" to heart (Visit our blog to read more about this really cool guy!). In addition to learning skills like project management, dealing with the media, fundraising and more, you'll also have the chance to build your rapport amongst important contacts and expand your networks. This is your chance to start voicing your collective concerns to the right people who will listen, and more importantly, ACT on them immediately by putting your newfound skills to the test by implementing your innovative project ideas.

If you are someone who feels strongly about climate change and the state of your own future, come join us and the global youth climate movement in standing up to answer this call to action. The time is now. Are you in?

For more information :
Facebook us : MYCJN - Malaysian Youth Climate Justice Network
Or contact
Kar Lye
info AT mycjn DOT org

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