Saturday, February 28, 2009

Sharing at UM AIESEC

Thanks to Jing Pei for sharing with me this opportunity to have a dialogue with UM AIESECers.


Global Economy Crisis has affected the world and the people in so many ways,
and of course one of it is us the soon to be graduated bunch
so what can we do to prepare ourself for this economic downfall?

Guess what!?

Goh Jing Pei an AIESEC UM alumni will tell you how!!!
She’ll be sharing her expertise with her colleague Yeoh Chen Chow currently working as Product Manager at!
Don’t miss out your chance to learn something from them!
(there’ll be a Q&A session so you guys are most welcome to suck out all the information you want from them!)

So see you guys next week!
(please do invite all of your friends to come as well and spread the words!)
Below are their profiles :))

DATE: 05/03/09 (Thursday)
TIME: 8pm-10pm (please be on time, we do not want the externals to be waiting for us)

Jing Pei is currently working as a consultant with PPEARL, a boutique HR consulting firm which speacialising in assessment and psychometric testing. Graduated from Univerisity of Malaya in 2007, she has a major in East Asian Studies where she did a special concentration in China Studies, with minor in International Relations and Strategic Studies. Jing Pei was an active member in AIESEC in Universiti Malaya, where she was playing her menial roles as executive, project leader and LC mentor. She was handpicked to participate in RealAcad Venture Capital Camp in 2006 and China Synergy Programme for Outstanding Youth in 2007. In 2008, she organised two prestigeous international conferences with Harvard Project for Asian and International Relations (HPAIR). During her leisure time, she is also a professional bum and part-time history researcher. You can occasionally catch her crooning on stage with igemz.

Yeoh Chen Chow is currently working as Product Manager at, focusing on JobStreet CAMPUS . Previously, he was a Consultant under Customer Relationship Management Service Line within Management Consulting of Accenture , KL. He graduated in 2005 from Cornell University with B.Sc in Electrical and Computer Engineering and triple minors in Industrial System & Information Technology, Information Science and Engineering Management. Chen Chow is also co-founder of Recom and he has been actively involved in youth development in Malaysia.

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