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Documentary on Markus Ng's Life

An initiative has been started in memory of Markus Ng (1985-2009). If you are interested/able to help, do let me know. I'll put you in the loop. Do let me know if you are willing to volunteer to help in any aspect listed below, or any other aspect involved.

Please kindly help to spread the words around too.

Hi everyone,

Please bear with me as this will be quite a lengthly email.

I'm making a documentary (estimated 30-45 minutes, with a possible cutdown version of 10-15 minutes) based on the life of my friend, Markus Ng Chung Yau. Markus is my high school classmate, who passed away suddenly in his sleep on 4 February 2009.

Markus was an exceptional individual. From the crowd turnout at his wake services and funeral, and the tributes at his memorial website ( ) ... one can only imagine the amount of lives that he has touched and inspired, even just at the young age of 23.

Personally, I know Markus as a bold young man who stood firm for his faith in Jesus Christ, a gentle soul who showed me what it is to live a Christlike life. In his own quiet ways, he was a big influence while I was taking my baby steps as an infant Christian. He has my utmost respect for his love for God, people and our country, Malaysia. One of his dreams is to see our country united under one banner, under one race called "bangsa Malaysia". Markus equipped himself by studying Politics, Philosophy and Economics for this purpose. He was to sit for his civil service exam this 21 February 2009.

Markus dedicated his life to work for the good of many causes, which is so many till I don't know all of them. The few that I know of are:
Unicef ( )
Malaysia Mental Health Association ( )
Projek Kalsom ( )
UKEC ( )
(University of) Essex Malaysian Society
Running for charity, Sports Relief ( )
Malaysian Student Leaders Submit (MSLS)
ASEAN Student Leaders
Centre for Public Policy Studies (CPPS) ( )
Anak Bangsa Malaysia, some friends are working to register this officially ( / )
PJ Anti-ISA vigil
You can

The purpose of the documentary is not only to remember this extraordinary young man, but my personal hope that it can serve as an inspiration to spur on others who knows him, and even those who haven't yet... to continue to fight for the causes that Markus has so passionately championed for. One of the focus would be on the organizations Markus has worked with and what they stand for.

With permission from Markus's family, Thomas Chew and I had documented some photo and video materials during the wake services and funeral. We really hope that we can see through this video as Markus's life has been a great testimony to all who had came into contact with him, even for just a short time.

I have zero budget for this video, so I'm humbly asking for your help. Markus' family, Thomas and I would be most grateful. Particularly, I am looking for help in the following areas:

1. Video and audio, lighting equipment loan: (Ideally) Video, mid-range 3CCD one would be sufficient. Audio, shotgun mic for camera and a lapel as backup. Lights, depends on gaffer.

2. Research assistant(s)/ writers(s): To compile Markus's life story, and the various works he has done. Will be working with myself, Thomas and Markus' family for content.

3. Assistant producer: To help with paperwork and communication with people that Markus worked with. No prior experience needed, I can guide you.

4. Assistant director: To assist during production.

5. Production assistant(s): An extra pair of hand would be helpful anytime.

6. Music composer(s)/ Sound engineer(s): Yeemeng, I hope you don't mind that I've included you for this one before asking you.

7. Videographer: Prior experience would be helpful. I'm a videographer myself but I try not to fuss with technical stuff when I'm directing.

8. Editor/ assistant editor(s): Would greatly appreciate help in this area. To ensure file compatibilities, I use Final Cut Pro 6 and have Adobe Premiere Pro CS3 on a MacBookPro. But it'd be great if there's a common editing machine that we can borrow to work on.

9. Still photographer: Glad for the photographer to use my lenses and photo accessories if needed, but I have a humble Canon 400D only.

I have estimated that the whole production will take about 3-6 months before we see the final product, and probably takes about 4weeks before we sit down for the first meeting. I need some time to gather my thoughts, and also to give everyone who knew Markus some time and space first.

There is no money involved for participation, and the only profits that I foresee are the changed lives as a result of this documentary video. I think it sounds like an attractive enough return.

Thank you for reading, and please feel free to forward this mail to anyone that you think would be interested to work together for this good cause.


Markus's official memorial site
In memory of Markus Ng Chung Yau (1985 - 2009) Facebook group
Markus's blog

Markus's (old) Xanga blog
Markus's myspace

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