Saturday, February 07, 2009

O/T - NEED: Research Assistant - will pay RM50/hour

This is posted for a friend of mine.



I need to hire a generalist research assistant to help me with some projects I am working on.

Please pass this to all potential candidates.

Key Criteria:

- High integrity: ability to maintain confidentiality of work-related matters
(to judge this we are going to have to establish references through social networks, I'm afraid the candidate must know people I know, etc. etc.)

- Excellent textual literacy: must know what to do with a sentence, even if he/she doesn't understand it

- Excellent scientific/quantitative literacy: minimum A1 for SPM Modern Maths, and A1 for two (2) SPM CORE science subjects (Physics/Chemistry/Biology/Add Maths) or the equivalent.

- Excellent summary skills: must be able to read fast and offer critical evaluations on textual documents. Ability to present data in graphical format would be a plus.

- Wired: must have ad hoc access to the Internet for research and communication purposes (IM, Email, Google)

- Flexible Schedule: must be able to complete 1-hour jobs within 36-hours of receiving instructions.

Recruitment Process:

- Candidate should contact me with his/her resume and/or official certification, written references, and portfolio of work (writing samples, graphical presentations, analytical writing, software code, mathematical proofs, etc.). Email or

- Short-listed candidates must attend a face-to-face interview in KL/PJ.

Other Information:

- I can offer a minimum work volume of 8 hours per month (RM400). Maximum work volume will be up to 50 hours per month (RM2500). Expected work volume will be 16 hours per month (RM800)

- This role would be excellent for a top-notch science/mathematics/engineering highschool/university student who needs pocket money, and exposure to commercial affairs (business planning, raising capital, strategic management, organisational development)

- Once hired, the work process will be roughly as follows (1) I will email instructions for 1-hour jobs to the research assistant. (2) Instructions will be detailed in 10-minute segments. (3) The research assistant is allowed to take additional time to complete the task, but will not be paid extra - nevertheless, he/she should expect to obtain further profits from the learning experience. (4) I will accept the work if it is deemed to be of reasonable quality, given the time allocated for the job. If performance is not satisfactory, the research assistant will be paid for all jobs requested, and fired.

- Payment will be in cash, or via electronic transaction to a Malaysian Bank Account. I will bear all transaction costs. If the research assistant physically comes to me, he/she can expect to be paid immediately for all work completed; if electronic transaction is required, payment will be at the end of each fortnight in a lump sum.

Happy working!

hwa yang jerng

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