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Times Higher Education (THE) – QS World University Rankings 2009

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Times Higher Education (THE) – QS World University Rankings 2009 has just been announced, and the new list of top 200 universities are listed. Quite a few UK universities went up the ranking. For full details, go to here .

My alma mater (Cornell) stayed at 15th Ranking.

Universiti Malaya managed to improve its ranking by 50 positions, from 230th to 180th, making it the 8th most improved university among all the universities that made it into top 200. The 7 universities that improve more positions than Universiti Malaya are University of Bergen (83 positions - 227th to 144th), University of Oslo (76 positions - 177th to 101st), University of Gothenburg (73 positions - 258th to 185th), Keio University (72 positions - 214th to 142nd), Saint-Petersburg State University (56 positions - 224th to 168th), Pohang University of Science & Technology (54 positions - 188th to 134th) and Yonsei University (52 positions - 203rd to 151st).

Universiti Teknologi Malaysia went up from 356th position to 320th position.
Universiti Sains Malaysia dropped a spot from 313th to 314th.
Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia dropped from 250th to 291st.
Universiti Putra Malaysia dropped from 320th to 345th.
Can refer more of it at here .

Looking at the universities which had made huge improvement in ranking.

Cambridge - 3rd to 2nd
University College of London - 7th to 4th
Imperial College London - 6th to 5th
University of Edinburgh - 23rd to 20th
ETH Zurich - 24th to 20th
University of Hong Kong - 26th to 24th
University of Manchester - 29th to 26th
University of Toronto - 41st to 29th
HKUST - 39th to 35th
Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanna - 50th to 42nd
Trinity College Dublin - 49th to 43rd
Monash University - 47th to 45th
Seoul National University - 50th to 47th
University of Amsterdam - 53rd to 49th
Tsinghua Univesity - 56th to 49th
Technical University of Munich - 78th to 55th
Tokyo Institute of Technology - 61st to 55th
University of Warwick - 69th to 58th
University of Alberta - 74th to 59th
Aarhus University - 81st to 63rd
University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign - 71st to 63rd
Katholieke Universiteit Leuven - 72nd to 65th
University of Birmingham - 75th to 66th
Lund University - 88th to 67th
Korea Advanced Institute of Science & Technology - 95th to 69th
University of York - 81st to 70th
University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill - 102nd to 78th
University of Adelaide - 106th to 81st
Purdue University - 99th to 87th
University College Dublin - 108th to 89th
Nagoya University - 120th to 92nd
University of Zurich - 106th to 92nd
Free University of Berlin - 137th to 94th
National Taiwan University - 124th to 95th
Tohoku University - 112nd to 97th
University of Oslo - 177th to 101st
Durham University - 122nd to 103rd
Fudan University - 113rd to 103rd
University of Basel - 131st to 108th
Erasmus University Rotterdam - 126th to 108th
University of Waterloo - 129th to 113th
Universite Pierre-et-Marie Curie Paris VI - 149th to 117th
Eindhoven University of Technology - 128th to 120th
Feriburg University - 147th to 122nd
City University of Hong Kong - 147th to 124th
Ecole Normale Superieure de Lyon - 140th to 126th
University of Aberdeen - 153rd to 129th
Pohang University of Science & Technology - 188th to 134th
Chulalongkorn University - 166th to 138th
Keio University - 214th to 142nd
University of Bergen - 227th to 144th
University of Cape Town - 179th to 146th
Waseda University - 180th to 148th
University of Calgary - 170th to 149th
Yonsei University - 203rd to 151st
Lomonosov Moscow State University - 183rd to 155th
Lancaster University - 170th to 162nd
Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay - 174th to 163rd
Saint-Petersburg State University - 224th to 168th
University of Barcelona - 186th to 171st
University of Bologna - 192nd to 174th
University of Tsukuba - 216th to 174th
University of Antwerp - 195th to 177th
University of Athens - 200th to 177th
Universiti Malaya - 230th to 180th
Rheinisch-Westfalische Technische Hochschule Aachen - 216th to 182nd
University of Karlsruhe - 207th to 184th
University of Gothenburg - 258th to 185th
Hong Kong Polytechnic University - 224th to 195th

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1 comment:

TAN SK said...

If I recall correctly, one of the parameters they looked into was the role of the institution as an international student hub, or something along that line.

Because of this, Malaysian local universities can never get to high spots in the list, as it caters to the locals.
Status quo is that, they're opening up to more International Students, perhaps to get up in the rankings?
I don't know. But I've always feel strongly against that notion. Local universities should always cater to the needs of the people. The number of seats available for the students are already very competitive, it doesn't help them by taking away these precious slots and give them to some foreigners.

Sure, foreigners coming in will mean more money and all, but at the expense of our younger ones? I say no.