Monday, October 12, 2009

MIRC SME Development Week 2009

MIRC SME Development Week 2009

Thanks to Eddie Lau for the information.

The MCA ICT Resource Centre (MIRC) will be organizing the MIRC SME Development Week 2009 that consists of various activities that is according to the 7 Strategic Thrusts of the SME Development Blueprint and this event will serve as a report on the progress that MIRC has achieved since the launch of the Blueprint in 2008.

With a tag line of “Powering SMEs – Preparing For The Rebound”, the SME Development Week 2009 held from 19th – 23rd October 2009 is viewed as a program as a whole to empower SMEs with knowledge, encourage transformation and ICT adoption and open to opportunities available in and outside of Malaysia.

There will be a week of activities comprising Conference, Seminar and workshops tailored for SMEs.

For full details, go to here .

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