Sunday, October 18, 2009

Support Malaysian Delegates for "One Young World"

I blogged on "One Young World" Summit last month. You can read it here . Won't repeat the basic details again.

Just checked the site this evening and found that quite a few of people whom I have crossed path are vying for a place to be delegate for "One Young World".

Some of them include (in alphabetical order):-

Adelene Lai Shuen Lyn
Andrew Loh
Lee Zhi Wei
Lim Boon Seong
Micheal Teoh Su Lim
Soo Jin Yun

Check out other Malaysians who are in the running here . 21 Malaysians are there now.

If you are within the age group (borned after 1984), do go for it!

For more info, check out here .

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Ridzuan Alladin said...

This is super cool Chen Chow. I know you would've been a good candidate for this if you were born in or after 1984! ;-)

I'm sure we'll have 2 great reps for Malaysia!

Chen Chow said...

Ridzuan, you too! Am sure you will be a great candidate for it! :)