Monday, August 18, 2008

Undergrad education in the US - hear from current students and alumni!

Hope to see many are interested to attend. If you need direction, just
let me know.
Hello friends,

Everyone I'm sending this email to has something in common. We're all
planning to attend, are already attending, or have attended an
American university. We've had the benefit of an educational
philosophy that emphasises more than professional training - an
education system that avoids the mass production of cookie-cutter
citizens, unlike the universities many other countries. We've enjoyed
incredible opportunities to grow as individuals, and often at the
expense of the very institutions we attend. But for every one of us,
there are many who could have had the same experience, yet for some
reason simply ended up elsewhere.

Some of you might remember this letter I wrote to a local media outlet
some months back, which highlighted the incredible dearth of
information about the opportunities America offers:

This Saturday the 23rd we're doing our little bit to change this sad
situation. At the Descartes Education Counselling Centre in Damansara
Utama, a group of us - current students and alumni from various
American universities and liberal arts colleges - will be speaking on
the hows, the whys, the whats of applying to American institutions of
higher education. I hope you'll join us.

But more than that, I hope you'll help us spread the word. There are
many bright students out there who do not realise the scope of
financial aid available, or the life-changing possibilities of a
liberal arts education. If you have any friends who are interested in
learning more, please, invite them and bring them along. If you have
contacts at local colleges or secondary schools, please let them know
about this upcoming talk. Even passing this email along is enough. And
if you run a blog or website, please help us get the word out.

I'm attaching a map to the venue, and a poster for the event. If
you're interested in helping distribute the poster, please get in
touch with me and we can talk about reimbursement for photocopying
costs, etc. And if you're just skimming this longish email, here's a

What: Panel on American undergraduate/liberal arts education
Where: The DECC office, 55-1 Jalan SS21/1A, Damansara Utama, 47400
Petaling Jaya.
When: Saturday 23 August, 2pm to 5pm
Why: To learn about the opportunities of an American education, and
how to get there. And, of course, to meet some incredible people
(namely yourselves)
How: Show up and bring your fabulous personalities along

Thanks so much, and I'll see you there this Saturday. :)


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