Wednesday, August 06, 2008

25th Oxford Analytica International Conference

Thanks to Chia Yee for sharing this. I definitely couldn't go, but
share for the interest of my blog readers.
25th Oxford Analytica International Conference
17–19 September 2008
Christ Church Oxford

The world is suffering from a wealth of news but a poverty of understanding.

With much of the developed world on the brink of recession and
inflation stalking advanced and less advanced economies alike, it has
rarely been more difficult to make business decisions.

Over 60 of the world's leading scholar experts and analysts will
provide up-to-the-minute insight and authoritative analysis on the
global outlook for the year ahead.

This analysis of events will enrich your understanding and allow you
to make better business decisions.

This is why you must attend the 25th Oxford Analytica International Conference.

These are just a few of the issues under discussion:

Private Equity: Can it survive the credit crunch?
The Global Economy: Just how bad will things get?
The Oil Shock: How high will prices go?
International Terrorism: Whats the greatest danger?
North America: What will top the next President's agenda?
Africa: Is governance improving with growth?
China: Life after the Olympic Games?
Russia: Has Medvedev changed anything?
Registrations are now coming in fast and places are limited. To
reserve your place or for further information:



"The quality of the questions was very high.
I made some good connections."
Graeme Sweeney, Executive Vice-President, Shell
2007 Participant

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