Thursday, August 21, 2008

Internet Time column

Article by Oon Yeoh


My latest three articles on tech, published in The Edge

Mobility Tour '08

I recently completed what I call my "Mobility Tour" which saw me
travel to four states across two weekends and ask people for their
feedback on a new category of computers called Netbooks.

Will Powerset give Microsoft the edge?

When I wrote about an interesting new "natural-language" search engine
called Powerset in May, I ended my article by saying, "Perhaps, Google
should just buy it up. Perhaps, that's just what Powerset wants."

A new mindset for the conceptual age

The first time I met Jason Lo, several years ago, he was a musician
and I was a journalist. Today, somehow, we've ended up in the telco
industry. He's the CEO of Tune Talk and I'm a senior research
scientist at Telenor.

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