Monday, May 09, 2011

Youth Leadership Academy

Thanks to Sujay for sharing this with me.


Youth Leadership Academy, Malaysia
Have you always dreamed of becoming a leader who inspires others and drives change? Have you held significant leadership roles before, whether in an existing organisation or an endeavour of your own making? Do you passionately believe in making a difference in Malaysia? If so, this programme could be for you!

The Youth Leadership Academy is dedicated to building the capabilities of future young leaders for Malaysia. As a participant, you will have the opportunity to improve your leadership skills through a proprietary curriculum developed by McKinsey & Co. You will also have access to mentors from a select pool of successful corporate leaders and young professionals. As one of the world's leading management consulting firms, McKinsey is at the centre of the world's most influential global leadership network and was ranked in the top ten in Fortune magazine's Global Top Companies for Leaders in 2007.

We are looking for a diverse group of 20-30 of the most talented and driven Malaysian undergraduate students currently studying at a university in Malaysia. Candidates must demonstrate strong leadership potential, personal drive, and a passion and energy for making a difference in our community and country. The deadline for the application is 22 May. For more information about the programme, and how you can sign up, please view the attached brochure or e-mail us your questions at


Anonymous said...

For more info and to apply via online form, please go to:

Best regards, Iskandar (YLA organizing committee)

thecarmenata said...

Hi! I went to the US Apps talk you organized in INTI Penang last year. It was really informative! I'll only be applying this year so I'm hoping I'd get to go to the talk again or better yet, the two-day workshop. =)

Chen Chow said...

thecarmenata, do check at . More info would be updated soon.