Monday, May 23, 2011

Promote Entrepreneurship Among Physically Disabled Individuals

Obtained this from Darren.

Greetings to you. how are you? and I would like to share to you about a competition we are running.

As we all know, employment is a major issue among the physically disabled. We hope that through this project we can identify good potentials businesses for the local disabled and we welcome any physically disabled individuals to take the idea and start up their own business. Project 312 is a online business idea competition to promote entrepreneurship among physically disabled individuals. We are offering RM1000 for the best idea and RM200 for 4 ideas with the most likes.

This is the link to our page.

We would be honoured if you can share about this competition in your profile as you are much more well connected to initiative and talented youths than we are. We sincerely hope that you would consider informing your friends about our competition. Thank you so much for your time. Have a lovely day ahead. :)

Darren Lee Boon Lye
Vice President of Public Relations

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