Friday, November 12, 2010

Global Innovation Game

Thanks to Karen Lee Sippel for sharing this with my blog readers.


Malaysians Line Up to Play Official Game of GEW

By Karen Lee Sippel


Just days ago, participants in Egypt's celebration of Global Entrepreneurship Week got a sneak peek at a new social game developed for entrepreneurs, by entrepreneurs.  Global Innovation Game is the official game of GEW 2010, creating a marketplace for ideas in which players devise solutions for problems challenging communities the world over.  Players take on the role of innovator, investor or both.


Currently, the game is focused on three topic areas – energy, health and transportation – but as the game community shows interest, there are plans to expand topics to include education, the environment and other critical issue areas.  Top players will be rewarded with in-game rewards and yet-to-be-announced prizes, sure to be useful to fledgling entrepreneurs.


Why did Cairo get the first glimpse at the game?  For a number of reasons, one of which is because Egypt is the first country to celebrate GEW this year, a result of moving their events forward in order not to conflict with the Muslim holiday of Eid al-Adha.  The game got a warm reception in Cairo from excited Arab entrepreneurs, eager to hear about this latest social game.


But Malaysians have also come out in droves to support the game, ranking just behind Egyptians and Americans as the country with the most fans on the GiG Facebook page.  Now is the time for all of these fans to start playing the game before the rest of the world joins in when GiG officially launches during GEW the week of November 15th.


It's also the perfect time to share your thoughts on the experience so that we can continue to expand GiG to engage an audience of international entrepreneurs like you.  The game is evolving rapidly in response to the great feedback we continue to receive.  Send your thoughts to


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