Thursday, November 25, 2010

Bunch of Resources for US Education

Shu Wen has consistently been a very passionate person in education. She has continuously sent a number of educational resources. Below are a bunch of articles that she shared.

1. TJC College Applications Blog

2. College wasn't even in my vocabulary

3. Desperate Guide

4. Maybe Experience really can be the best teacher

5. 4 Sure-Fire Ways to Derail Your College Search

6. Early Decision Applications Surge in most Campuses

7. Liberal Arts Education

8. Future Top Universities below ranking radar


Below is a list of US universities and colleges that offer merit-based scholarships (up to full tuition) to first-year international students (including Malaysian students) compiled by Shu Wen:

Wesleyan University. Freeman Asian Scholarships for 2 Malaysian students which cover full tuition for four years.
University of Richmond. Full tuition scholarships to up to 12 Science Scholars, 20 Boatwright Scholars, 6 Artist Scholars, 7 Oldham Scholars (this includes room and board).
University of Southern California (USC). 100 full tuition scholarships and more than 200 half tuition scholarships.
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (UNC). 70 Johnston Scholarships for entering freshmen.
Washington and Lee University (W&L). Johnson Scholarships.
New England College. Global Community Scholarships (up to full tuition).
The College of Idaho. Heritage Scholarships (full tuition).
Drury University. Trustee Scholarships (full tuition and a limited number of full scholarships). 
Furman University. 2 full scholarships.
Illinois Wesleyan University. 2 President's International Student Scholarships (full tuition).
Hope College. 1 full scholarship.
Augsburg College. 11 President's Scholarships (up to full tuition).
John Carroll University. Presidential Honors Award (up to full tuition).
Hillsdale College. Distinct Honor Scholarship (up to full tuition).
University of New Orleans (UNO). 15 Homer Hitt Scholarships which cover full cost of attendance.
St. John's University. Presidential Scholarships (full tuition).
DePauw University.


Tuition-free colleges

Berea College. Only one student is admitted from each country each year. Preference for students from low-income families.
College of the Ozarks. 
Deep Springs College (for men).
Franklin W. Olin College of Engineering.
The Cooper Union. Requires a U.S. mailing address to apply.


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