Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Survey for Malaysian students

If you care about Malaysian education and wants to make a difference, here is your chance, and this is targeted at Malaysian students at universities or colleges anywhere in the world.

A survey is currently being run to understand the feasibility of launching "Teach for Malaysia". In this development stage, we are hoping to obtain feedback on the program from exceptional Malaysian students such as yourselves to gauge interest in the program.

Teach for Malaysia is a proposed program to enhance national educational balance through the transformation of outstanding Malaysian graduates into effective, inspirational teachers and leaders by placing them in our country's underprivileged schools for a duration of two years. Participants will be placed in challenging environments and will develop skills in planning, communication, negotiation and presentation. In addition, the program will partner with top firms who provide mentors, leadership training and networking events, and who publicly recognise the value the experience provides to future employees. Selected partner firms may even defer existing job offers to allow recruits to participate or to provide internship placements for participants. The program is based on similar models in the US and UK that have been successful in producing exceptional student results, and creating a network of alumni who are engaged in creating more systemic change.

As you can see, this program is targeted at high performing students such as yourselves. This short survey will only take ten minutes of your time and will provide valuable input to our work. The survey will run from today and will end on 11th March (Thursday next week). Simply click on the link below and begin:

We thank you very much for your time! 



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