Thursday, March 04, 2010

Accenture Return Home Program offers Internship or Graduate opportunities: MALAYSIA

Thanks to Lysha for sharing this with me. This program is targeted for overseas students. For local grads, Lysha would share with me another write-up soon. If you have any question, do post it here, Lysha would be more than happy to respond.

Accenture Return Home Program offers Internship or Graduate opportunities

Jumpstart your career in a global company right here in Asia

Return home to Asia with an Internship or Graduate position at Accenture!

Accenture's Return Home Program offers internship and graduate positions in Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, South Korea and Thailand to individuals in their penultimate or final year studying in the US.

If you are originally from these Asian countries and plan to return home after graduation to launch a career, this opportunity is for you. Be sure to submit your applications before the respective datelines:

Internship Opportunities - 30/04/2010

Graduate Opportunities - 30/04/2010

Accenture provides the same excellent career advancement in Consulting, Technology and Services among all its locations worldwide. This program will enable you to experience the same international-caliber career at a truly world-class company, and still be among family and friends.

To learn more details about the program and to apply, visit the Accenture Return Home site.


Anonymous said...

It has to be either graduates from US or UK? What about graduates from other parts of the world? Eg. Australia, Japan, Singapore...

Chen Chow said...

They take in graduates from any country. Good Luck!

lysha said...

Thanks Chen Chow!

We do recruit graduates from any country. Let me know if you need more info.

Anonymous said...


I'm rather interested to apply for an internship at Accenture but what I'd like to know is whether the CGPA requirement is a strict one or is it flexible based up individual personalities and other factors?

Thank You.

Chen Chow said...

Do give it a try. No harm trying!