Sunday, February 07, 2010

US Aspirants - Start Preparing Early

To all of you, my blog readers who aspire to further studies in top US universities (be it Ivy League institutions, Liberal Arts Colleges or other institutions), my advice to you is to start preparing early, i.e. from NOW.

It will never be too early to start preparation. Some serious applicants, start preparations a few years in advance. Having said that, don't fret. Quite a number of people manage to do it with 6 months or so of solid preparations.

If you are starting and don't know where to start, my advice is for you to go through the links of resources at . About 140 links have been updated there already, and all should be free resources. If you come across other useful ones, do let me know, and I will update there for the benefits of everyone.

As a start, I would strongly suggest that you prepare well for your SAT Reasoning Test and SAT Subject Tests. If your English is not super solid, you would need time to prepare. For SAT Subject Tests, it is very important, and hopefully, you would put in the efforts to prepare for it too! Don't underestimate it!

And you should start keep a note pad or note book, which you carry with you everywhere you go, and jot down instances of your life that you think are unique. It would be useful when you start drafting for your essays.

For a start, check out .


2 comments: said...

Thank you! The links on USA apps are really resourceful and helpful. However, I'm rather worried about writing personal statements like "Tell us about yourself". I'm at a loss whenever such essays pop up. =(

Chen Chow said...

Good that you find it useful.

There are some links there on writing about personal statements.

For US, personal statements, would not be about "Tell us about yourself", but they would usually give a theme, and then you write on it. But you need to highlight the unique part of yourself and show the admission officers your unique characteristic.

Do start the journal to jot down unique part of your life, as you go through your life, and remember anything that you feel is unique.