Monday, September 14, 2009

Asian Youth Ambassador (AYA) Dream Malaysia Awards 2009

Asian Youth Ambassador (AYA) Dream Malaysia Awards 2009. This is the 5th Annual AYA Awards.

I would first like to recognize my sincere thanks to an anonymous Malaysian who nominated me for this award. Really appreciate what you have done, although until now, I do not know who is the person who does this.

Would like to dedicate this awards to all of you who have supported many of the initiatives that I have involved over these years, and to many of you who have offered me guidance, support, listening ears, advice etc, through the ups and downs of my life.

I would like to congratulation AYA for doing this award, and I would like to congratulate all the other finalists as well. They are all very deserving winners, and the world is a much better place, thanks to many sacrifice and efforts that they have put in. To all the nominees, Congratulations for making a difference in the lives of others too!

There are 2 categories of AYA Awards.
a) Most Outstanding Youth
b) Youth Friendly Companies

For Most Outstanding Youth 2009, there are 4 finalists.

1. Edana Lim Parina, 35

"Her dream Malaysia is to see a united Malaysia that respects every race as they are and one that fully acknowledges different strengths in each culture. Edana seeks to play her role in that by hiring all races into her company and do the most with what she has and be the best she can be as a woman. Edana believes in second chances even as she received hers and thus, exercises that motto with her current staff."

2. Ellynita Hazlina Lamin, 33

"Her dream Malaysia is for people to not just be tolerant towards one another but to understand and accept each other beyond race and gender. She aspires to see the lives that she touches in some way — no matter big or small — begin to impact the lives of others. Ultimately, she seeks to create an awareness of the need in Acheh and be able to share that with anyone who is interested to listen or contribute in some way."

3. Jecyrina Nagarajah, 27

"Her dream Malaysia is to see homeless people or beggars have a purposeful meaning to life. She believes that they CAN come out from the circle of poverty and be an active contributor of society. She hopes to see that our society won’t just give them a ‘fish’ but will teach them ‘how to fish’. She is motivated by seeing lives changed for the better and knowing that she made the right choice in doing what she’s doing now."

4. Yeoh Chen Chow, 28

"His dream Malaysia is to see more youth empowerment. He believes that the youth of today has the ability and passion to make a different and improved Malaysia. Chen Chow is currently involved in a few non-profit projects to inspire more young people to dream bigger. He believes in the culture of sharing information and believes in giving back to others to pursue their education."

There are 2 ways of voting.
a) Online - Click Here
b) SMS - "AYA Y 1" (For Edana)/ "AYA Y 2" (For Ellynita)/ "AYA Y 3" (For Jecyrina)/ "AYA Y 4" (For Chen Chow), and send to 36828. There is a charge of RM0.80 per SMS. This SMS is powered and sponsored by Trio Mobile Sdn. Bhd.

In addition to Most Outstanding Youth 2009 Awards, there is also Youth Friendly Company 2009 Awards, and there are 3 deserving finalists.

1. AFS
"AFS is an international, voluntary, non-governmental, non-profit organisation that provides intercultural learning opportunities to help people develop the knowledge, skills and understanding needed to create a more just and peaceful world. Working with secondary school students, AFS activities are based on our core values of dignity, respect for differences, harmony, sensitivity and tolerance. It is not designed as a tourist program, rather it allows students to immerse themselves in a culture and country unlike their own."

2. Leaderonomics
"A social enterprise niched in the field of leadership, Leaderonomics offers a full range of solutions and services for organisations, and individuals of all ages. Its vision is to seek to grow people into leaders, build affectionate communities, and transform human societies. In training corporations and youths, Leaderonomics seeks to play an active role in helping the world’s leaders — of all ages, classes and ethnicities — to adapt and meet dramatic changes in our natural and synthetic environments and to help them grow and develop as leaders. The income generated from these activities is channeled into projects and services that enhances leadership development in underprivileged communities."

3. Theatre for Young People
"Under the auspices of The Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre (klpac), the T4YP young people’s theatre programme provides a platform for young people between the ages of 16 to 25 the opportunity to express themselves by creating meaningful theatre. Essential to T4YP is the idea of building a close-knit community of young theatre practitioners who feel safe to explore and experiment within the boundaries of an established ensemble."

There are 2 ways of voting too.
a) Online - Click Here
b) SMS - "AYA CO 1" (For AFS)/ "AYA CO 2" (For Leaderonomics)/ "AYA CO 3" (For Theatre for Young People) and send to 36828. There is a charge of RM0.80 per SMS. This SMS is powered and sponsored by Trio Mobile Sdn. Bhd.

Hope that all of you would exercise your votes to vote for the deserving finalists.

The voting would end at 1pm on 2nd November 2009.
The awards ceremony would be on 8th November 2009 at KLPAC.
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Andrew Loh said...

Congrats!!!!!! You totally deserve it.

SaPPhiRe DraGoN said...

You have my vote on this

Matty said...

WoooT! :)

eric said...

Congratulations CC. You are one of the most naturally talented person I have had the chance to work with. Yet you work with humility and you infect others through your passion and drive. Well done. i can't think of anyone more deserving. ES

Anonymous said...

Hi, Congrats Chen Chow. Everything you do is done in full measure, no half heartedness from you. Your passion overflows to others around. So proud to have you with us :-) . Priya

Charles Tan said...

Congrats Chen Chow. You are really an individual which the schools and universities should promote. Self-less leadership is one word which I would give to you. Keep it up. One thing which I hope all your friends would also help you with is to find a lady partner or also known as girlfriend. See you soon!

Wei Ren said...

Hi Chen Chow, congratulations. It's never easy to juggle between a full time job as well as the extra activities outside of the work place and you do it admirably.

I'm hopeful that this recognition will spur you on to greater things as Malaysia's youth definitely need more passionate people like yourself.

Congratulations once again. Take care


Chen Chow said...

Thanks Andrew, SaPPhiRe DraGoN, Matty, Eric, Priya, Charlie and Khoo for your kind words.

It is my pleasure to get the chance to work and learn from you. Thanks for the guidance and support all these while.