Sunday, April 17, 2011


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Anonymous said...

Hi.Do JPA offer scholarships for STPM candidate?I am SPM leaver 2010 and I do apply for JPA scholarships.But,I think the chance to get it is very slim as the course that I apply is german engineering which is very competitive according to vampire_guy01.I plan to take STPM rather than A-Level due to financial problem.What I want to ask is that STPM scholarship is less than A-level scholarship?I am not very active in co-curricular in the secondary school,just a simple student.My overall co-curricular grade is A,is that NOT enough for me to win a scholarship like JPA?Is it a bit too late for me to be active in co-curricular liek represent school and state in the form 6?Hope to get a reply of you because I find that you post a lot of stuff in Recom.

Chen Chow said...

Good Luck on your scholarships!

For German Engineering, the chances are there. Compared to a few other fields, the probability of getting it is higher.

On STPM/A Level scholarships, it is much less compared to after SPM. They are more selective. So, do need to take note on that.

Good Luck!

Anonymous said...

thank chen chow...finally reply my message XD