Tuesday, February 15, 2011

National Sudoku Seminar

Thanks to Yee Dian for the info below.

National Sudoku Seminar
Coming soon on 19th March 2011 (Saturday), a one-of-its-kind Sudoku event not to be missed by all Sudoku lovers. The Malaysia Sudoku Society is organizing the above seminar, featuring an important personality in the world of Sudoku. He is none other than Mr Maki Kaji, the person who coined the word 'Sudoku'. He was instrumental in the chain of events that caused Sudoku to be a worldwide phenomenon. Mr Kaji will be a special guest speaker
at the seminar. Details of the event and registration instructions are available at http://www.1sudoku.com.my/NSS%20Brochure.pdf .  Come and meet the 'Godfather of Sudoku' in person! It is unlikely that there will ever be another event like this, so DON'T MISS IT!!

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