Saturday, October 23, 2010

16 Useful Links

Thanks to many of you who have been sharing useful links to me. Sorry that I take some time to post, as I might not have internet time at night every night, as well as I try to keep to at most 3-4 postings per day. 

Instead of letting the backlog piles up, am going to do this post as a compilation of a number of links shared. Thanks to all those loyal blog contributors who have been sharing links with me! Do check out these links!


1. - Early action would aim in admission (Link recommended by an anonymous loyal blog contributor, as well as Shu Wen)

2. - Vacation Research Programme for post-SPM students.

4. - Want to help to provide knowledge to empower minds of the world citizen, do donate to MIT Open Course Ware.

5. - Sharing of life studying in US by a bunch of students (Link recommended by Shu Wen)

6. - Article by Tara Thean, who is Project Manager for Students for Education Reform at Princeton University

7. - An article to let you reflect on yourself or your children whom you always have high expectations (Link recommended by Andrew Loh)


1. - Malaysian Accounting Students Conference

3. - Ureka Weekend (Link recommended by Ellynita) 

4. - Community Solutions Programme (Link recommended by John Lee)

5.!/oonyeoh - Oon Yeoh is running a workshop on Social Media on 25th October. If you are interested, do contact him.

Other Links:-

1. - Completing one mission a day and see how long you can keep up on your mission! (A start-up by Bing, a fellow Cornellian from Malaysia)

2. - 99 Business books that are recommended by 

3. - This is for the fans of cryptic crossword puzzles! (Link recommended by Jayaram)

4. - World 50 Biggest Banks. (Our biggest banks in Malaysia is doing about USD100 Billion in asset, so another 400% increase before we hit this list!)


Anonymous said...

Hi, I would like to apply for Harvard 2 years later. I know that extra activity is one of the main criteria for me to secure a place in there. So could you tell me where can I join activities such as Leadership camp in Malaysia? I live in PJ, Selangor. Thx.

Chen Chow said...

I would say that one of the main ingredients would be your initiatives.

And it is not just about participating, but you should strive to organize as well!

In my blog here, I do share on activities that I come across, but there are lots more around. Do check out , etc.

Good Luck!

Anonymous said...

thanks for the info, chen! :) thanks for your wish, i will do my best! ;) i'll read your blog regularly for latest updates. keep up the good work! :)

Jessica said...

Thanks for including the Student Union link! Two of our student writers have connections to Malaysia. Alex, from Uganda, did his undergraduate education in Malaysia. Rudro is actually from Malaysia and is working on a post about sources of financial aid and funding for Malaysians studying in the U.S. Hope you keep reading the blog and find it interesting.

Chen Chow said...

Jessica, it is my pleasure! Great to hear that you have a good group of student writers and you really know the background of your writers!

All the best!