Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Articles - Advice to University Student

Thanks to my loyal blog contributor for sharing these 2 links of articles.

Personally, I love this first link a lot! It is a sharing by a Professor giving advice to those of you who are studying in university/college.

Among the advice:-
1.  The real world does not work like school.
2.  Most of your elders know very little about the world into which you are headed.
3.  You are going to have to work much, much harder than you probably expect.
4. Choosing the right courses is more important than choosing the right college.
5.  Get a traditional liberal education; it is the only thing that will do you any good.
6.  Character counts; so do good habits.
7.  Relax.

The other article is on how consulting firms select those elite graduates.

Enjoy reading!

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