Friday, July 09, 2010

Accenture Malaysia hosts inaugural MIT Lecture Series – Register now!

Thanks Lysha for this information. Sorry for me posting it late. Do try and sign up and see whether they still take in people.


Accenture is proud to invite you to the inaugural Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Lecture Series in Kuala Lumpur this 24 July (Saturday). We believe attending this event is a unique opportunity for you to hear first hand from the learned MIT professors and expand your understanding of Information Technology.  

Keynoted by the distinguished Professor Srini Devadas of the Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at the MIT, the lecture series is part of our Accenture Solutions Delivery Academy, which was developed in partnership with the MIT Professional Education Office. 

At this event, titled "Information Technology in the Year 2020: Building a Collective Intelligence," Prof. Devadas will discuss among others, how we use the Internet today as a collective repository for intelligence and the challenges that we face to advance that technology. These challenges include making networks intelligent, ubiquitous virtual computing, software design and testing challenges, and exploiting parallelism. 

Slots are limited so register through this link  on or before 7 July (Wednesday). 

We look forward to hearing from you! 

Campus Team


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