Wednesday, December 02, 2009

SG startup/entrepreneurship event

Thanks to my loyal contributor for this.

Might interest those who are interested in startups, entrepreneurship :

Neoteny Labs Singapore is about to launch and what better way to celebrate than an event with all our friends?

For two days in December we'll be gathering in Singapore and discussing a whole collection of topics from investing and incubating, to building start ups and hackerspaces. Hosted and organized by Joi Ito, Sean Bonner, James Chan and Tara Brown we'll talk about why these things are interesting and important to us, and why we're looking towards Singapore to do them.

The first part of each day will include panels and presentations from people who we think know what they are talking about. This will be followed in the afternoon by ad-hoc , barcamp style sessions created on the fly by presenters and people in attendance alike. We're assuming these will develop into evening workshops as well. Saturday night will include an Open Web Presentation Challenge hosted by Mozilla that you can sign up to present at!

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