Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Tara Thean - Princeton/Stanford/Wesleyan Admit, Harvard/Columbia Waitlist

Congratulations to Tara Thean for getting Princeton University, Stanford University and Wesleyan University admission and Harvard Universty and Columbia University waitlist! Great that you get into a number of top schools! :)

And one thing very interesting on this.

Tara's sister - Nikki Thean who applied 3 years ago, got the identical results for the universities that both of them applied.

Princeton University - Admit
Stanford University - Admit
Harvard University - Wait List
Yale University - Reject
Cornell University - Reject

How come my alma mater reject such people who get admitted to top schools?


KeNth said...

Haha, congrats Tara!

-Kenneth Hiew
(Wes Finalist)

Tara said...
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Hasan said...

OMG! Tara! Your amazing! Congrats.

Justin said...

Tara... Congratulations!
You must quite an amazing person. I just visited a number of schools in the US.. including Princeton which is my dream. Would you care to share your secrets? Many people including my sister who is pursuing her undergrad in Columbia keep on emphasizing on being special and passionate about what you do, So did the academic advisor from Princeton.. Do you have any additions to that?